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The Roper Twins: Bath-Time Battles with Nan

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One-year- olds Courtney and Jade Roper are twins: like nearly all twins they are double the joy and double the trouble. Unlike some twins the Roper Twins love doing things together. They especially love Bath-Times where they have lots and lots of fun. However when one day Nan decides it’s time for a change Courtney and Jade, have other ideas. Join the Roper Twins as they go into battle with Nan in this delightful, engaging and funny look at parenting, everyday life and growing up.



978-1- 907978-13- 5

Product Code: 978-1-907978-13-5

Manufacturer: ETA Books

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Fun read

This book is a great book and I really enjoyed reading it. I cant wait to see if there are more books to come from Cauline, I really hope there are! LOVED it.

Amy ::

Interesting & Beautifully Illustrated

Juanita Here is my review i read the book to my lola and she enjoyed it very much , she said that girl looks like me when pointing at the twins and said i was a twin wasnt i mimmy. The boys looked at the pictures and said oh look , lola. The book was fun , interesting and the illustrations were beautiful

Juanita ::

Nice Book

Nicola Marie Nice book My nieces will like it The pictures being mixed children it will be nice for my nieces to see as they are mixed them self Not a lot of books have black/mixed children

Nicola Marie ::

Visually Amazing!

I read the book and think the visuals are absolutely amazing!

Tish ::

Enjoyed the read

Enjoyed the read although my youngest couldn't hold his concentration for the whole story. So probably more suited to over 3s

Dionne ::

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